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Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Using Your Brain To Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Your brain plays a specific role in you overcoming stress. You’ll discover how using your brain can help you to recover faster from that stress. Once you know how your brain is impacting on what you're feeling and what you're thinking, then you're going to be able to use the same techniques and the same strategies for overcoming stress, anxiety and depression again and again.

Positive feelings don't cause our body to have stress. But negative thoughts do.

If you have frequent fears and relentless worries, these are also considered stress. Anxiety is simply the future tense of stress and we’ll explore how anxiety is felt right throughout the body, particularly by people who are sensitive to events and their environment.

Depression is not the same as sadness. "I'm so depressed," means different things to different people. But the Depression that I'm talking about in this course is an illness, and what depression feels like to the person, is like a big, black cloud that just hangs over you. And you want to be out of it, you want to be free of it and you don't know how to be.

If you are feeling this big black cloud – you feel as though life is no fun.

In this course I will help you describe the symptoms, feelings and remedies for stress, anxiety and depression. I will provide you with a clear understanding of what people who are suffering from these issues are going through and be able to recognise the symptoms in yourself. Our stress and anxiety can be managed through this exceptionally simple explanation of how our brain works with emotions and their physical impact on our body, so we don’t feel as though we are constantly under pressure.

21 Modules

The Right Science

Your brain is your personality and you can change your brain if you don’t like the way you feel or think or behave. You can be in control of your life rather than perceive that things happen to you.

Identify The power In You

From years of counselling and coaching, I have found that the most successful people to reengage with their partners are those who take the time to really identify the power within themselves.

Discover The Brain Map

Everything in life is about how you feel. Stress is the feeling of negative emotion in your body. The process of stress rising and falling in the body is biological—stress triggered by, but can be minimized by, your emotional brain.

Understand The Stress Response

The moment you feel fear or anger your brain interprets that something is wrong in your environment—there is danger or a threat to your being.  “Watch out!”, it says.  “Be on guard!”  This is the fight or flight response in your body – the stress response.

Tune Into Your Physical Sensations

The way you perceive things from here-on-in depends upon what you do about your experiences – what you do about what happens to you. 

Stress Felt In The Body

The moment you feel fear or anger your brain interprets that something is wrong in your environment—there is danger or a threat to your being. This is the fight or flight response in your body.

The Effects of Stress

When you are stressed, your body has a lot of adrenalin in it. The purpose of adrenalin is to keep you alert, to keep you awake, and to keep you on guard. I'll describe for you the symptoms of stress – what I call negative emotion – and the physical and psychological effects of stress.

The Physical Effects of Stress

Four Physical Effects of Stress felt in the body. 1) a breakdown of your immune system; 2) gut and bowel problems; 3) a decrease in your level of serotonin; 4) leading to lowered self-esteem.

Discover Your Emotional Style

The way you react to the feeling of stress depends on whether you are more inclined by nature to be a fight (reactive) person or a flight (avoidant) person.  

The Anxious Personality

A person with an anxious personality experiences an overreaction to threatening stimuli in his or her environment, resulting in the body having a greater stress response than another person might have to the same event.

Getting To Know You

In this lesson I help you get to know the ‘real YOU’ – how you feel about your relationship or current situation. How easy is it for you to put your feelings into words.

Karen's Anxiety Scale

In quick succession I read two amazing books and experienced astonishment; the “Oh my God, this is me” reaction, as I read about the physical manifestations associated with arousal as experienced by the sensitized person.

Mike's Anger Scale

In your journey of emotional awareness you may find your path blocked; the central impediment to change has been you.  You will be overwhelmed by your character defects and low level of emotional ability.  Take heart—this is the beginning of meaningful change.

The Psychological Effects of Stress

Personal stress is increased by the way we think! We are responsible for the way that we feel, regardless of what happens to us in life.

How To Reduce Stress

When our Adrenalin rises, our Serotonin drops. These operate as a counter weight. When you are feeling really stressed and your Adrenalin is high, it is a biological equation that your Serotonin is going to be very low.

Recognising Depression

Depression is not the same thing as sadness and it is rare for normal sadness to lead to depression. Being depressed feels like being dragged into a pool of quicksand. You can feel better than this.

Treatment For Depression

Treatment for depression depends on several factors: the severity of your illness, types of symptoms, and for how long you have had them.

To Medicate or Not To Medicate

One does not HAVE to take medication but medication fast forwards the recovery process. It is like going to a party on the fifteenth floor, and making a choice between taking the lift or the stairs.

Recommended Resources & Experts

Taking things personally is giving up your power to other people. Here’s how you can be happy without taking things personally.

Take It To The Next Level

I'm the only marriage coach in the world to promise you improved personal happiness, self-esteem and connection in your relationship within 30-days... or I'll work with you until you do. We'll develop a plan for your personal circumstances using brain science as well as psychology. Whatever your biggest problem is I can help you solve it! Join me and let's take it to the next level in my Fast Fix Marriage Formula!

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