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Handling Difficult People

Why Is It Always About You?

Most of us think that all people see the world “the same way that I do”. This misinterpretation often leads to frustration and conflict and, because we operate differently to our partner or to people around us, we do get caught up in this conflict. We fight and become distressed so much about the differences that we lose sight of the things we actually still do have in common.

Want to understand why people behave the way they do? Ever wondered why other people are so difficult to get along with? (Or is it YOU?) Ever been hurt or bewildered by the way someone has treated you? And now you don't quite know what to do about it? Then this course is for you! It describes many different but commonly seen behaviours that impact on individuals and frequently ruin their relationships.

10 Modules

Surviving Your Addiction

Are you overwhelmed by people with difficult behavior - relationship wreckers? The fact is, the longer you put off dealing with them, the bigger the problem can become. 

Surviving Alcohol Addiction

“I’m not an addict”, you can hear yourself say. “Yes, I drink socially, but I’m not addicted. And I’m a pretty happy drunk, so that’s OK, isn’t it?”

Incompatible Personalities

Personalities that reveal differences when the people are behaving normally and instinctively are usually termed incompatible. But this does not have to be a permanent state of being. Preferences can be managed.

Confusing Personalities

Most people have certain routines by which they live their life. It is normal however, to be flexible and to be able to adjust or adapt to a change.

People Who Blame

People who blame are either unable to release these negative feelings or reluctant to do so. Instead they passively resist, sabotage, pay back, or control by insidious and covert behavior that protects them from counter attack. 

People Who Lack Empathy

People are born with varying degrees of empathy, an ability that can be developed. But the people who have no empathy and do not care at all about you and your feelings, are the ones to beware.

Identifying Sexual Harassment At Work

Sexual harassment is a violation of individual rights and when experienced in the workplace is to be managed as serious and offensive behavior that needs to be reported.

Getting Along With Difficult People

We want to understand people; why they behave the way they do. The different styles, or behaviors, are purely preferences.

Managing Conflict

Conflict occurs when you feel hurt (negative emotion) and you want to resolve the pain. Remember, your perception is your reality, but it may not be THE reality.

Take It To The Next Level

I'm the only marriage coach in the world to promise you improved personal happiness, self-esteem and connection in your relationship within 30-days... or I'll work with you until you do. We'll develop a plan for your personal circumstances using brain science as well as psychology. Whatever your biggest problem is I can help you solve it! Join me and let's take it to the next level in my Fast Fix Marriage Formula!

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