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ADHD Relationships

ADHD/ADD in your relationship?

If you're in a marriage or relationship where you suspect your partner or child has ADHD, or perhaps there has been a recent diagnosis, ADHD Counsellor Karen Gosling helps you understand ADHD and how it impacts on relationships and your family system…

… not knowing about ADHD/ADD when trying to work on your marriage or improve family relationships can be a serious drawback.

Karen Gosling works closely with Psychiatrists and a number of their patients in the treatment of ADHD. Over the last 35 years I have learnt the best way to help partners and their children celebrate and heal the ADHD brain, and fix unresolved hurts and poor communication to reconnect with each other.

I help put you in charge of your life in ADHD relationships so that upsetting events can be resolved. When you heal emotionally, your body doesn’t always feel those strong emotions.

Join me in my ADHD Relationships training and let's celebrate the ADD Difference!

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Welcome To ADHD Relationships

Karen’s ADHD or Adult ADD counselling is initially about education … teaching you about the traits and characteristics of these Neuro-cognitive differences … and understanding why you feel what you feel in the context of your spouse/family relationship. It’s about treating the whole person … addressing the root of the problem rather than just the symptom. It helps you understand how behaviors driven by different brains impact on other people around you. 

Identifying Adult ADD

Adults with ADD can be empathic and in tune with you, or not, depending on their level of engagement. They typically show “out of the box” thinking, resulting in a tendency toward a different way of looking at life. This often goes hand in hand with an unpredictable approach to everything! They show remarkable persistence and resilience, to the point of stubbornness.

Understanding Adult ADD

The Adult ADD’s brain is more sensitive to danger and to things they hear than another person’s brain. Another difference is that in an ADD brain the link between the cortex and limbic system is often faulty such that a stimulus comes into the brain but may not pass through the reasoning part of the brain (Cortex) before it drops down to action or to speech.

Structure Reduces Adult ADD Anxiety

Adult ADD Anxiety, Negativity & Depression: Imagine being constantly bombarded by different stimuli that a) may be dangerous and b) you can’t filter out. Karen gives you the opportunity to actually be in the shoes of someone who is ADD and catch a glimpse of how their brain works. If you have an ADD brain, it means that you are ADD. You don’t HAVE ADD.

Managing Adult ADD At Work

Memory problems, time management problems, relationship problems – the work place often reveals all of these, resulting in the ADD adult feeling incompetent and not as good as the others. Boredom and paperwork can also be problematic for the ADD adult, leaving the ADD wondering if there is any job at all that will suit and maintain his or her interest.

Coping With An Adult ADD Spouse

In this training Karen talks about what tends to happen in these ADHD relationships. There seems to be chaos at every turn. And when you don’t really know about ADD, you don’t even know why your life seems to be filled with so much exasperation!

Celebrate The Adult ADD Difference

The ADD spouse or partner can be enjoyed. They are usually quite intuitive, really quite brilliant and extremely creative. They can stay focused for many, many hours on the same project and can be extremely productive. ADDs have also got an infectious humor. They can be exuberant and have a ton of energy and put a lot of energy into things.

Take It To The Next Level

I'm the only marriage coach in the world to promise you improved personal happiness, self-esteem and connection in your relationship within 30-days... or I'll work with you until you do. We'll develop a plan for your personal circumstances using brain science as well as psychology. Whatever your biggest problem is I can help you solve it! Join me and let's take it to the next level in my Fast Fix Marriage Formula!

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