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Romance Your Soulmate

Karen Gosling is the only marriage and ADHD counsellor in the world using brain science as well as psychology to put you in charge of your life so that upsetting events can be resolved and you increase your personal happiness, self-esteem and connection in your life and relationship.

The Romance Your Soulmate model is all about building a trusting, lasting long-term relationship with your Soulmate. It’s a really simple way for you to be able to understand how all the moving pieces fit together and to see how creating a successful relationship is all about communication and intimacy.

To build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your dis-engaged partner and really make a difference with your relationship, you need to go back to the basics and “romance your soulmate”. It’s actually not difficult to do if you just follow the steps.

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Welcome to Romance Your Soulmate

Romance is the precursor of seduction! So often you live with the person you were once in love with and wonder where that incredible feeling — the “I will love you forever” feeling — has gone. Well, the passionate feelings that aroused your body when you were first in love have dissipated, and been replaced with other negative feelings! I’ve put together a package where each step focuses on one of the most critical parts to reboot romance in your relationship. The AIM is to get you back to Soulmate status in your marriage.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself

The 3 Essential Questions are: 1) “Why would your disconnected partner want to reconnect with you anyway?” 2) “Am I certain that my disconnected partner is my true Soulmate whom I want to romance?” and 3) "Who do you know that can act as Cupid"? Go ahead and find the right answers for you.

Step 1 - Flirting

All relationships start with flirting, but this time you’ll be flirting with someone you’ve known for a long time and have been disconnected from. This is the first part of you setting up your platform to romance your soulmate.

Step 2 - Back To Our Place

Remember the thrill of “coming back to my place” and the anticipation of it being just the two of you, having plenty of time and total privacy to get to know each other better. “Back to our Place” is about recreating that safe place, where there is privacy, to talk to each other about how you really feel.

Step 3 - Courting

Courting Is Different To Dating – It’s Deeper! Courting is usually an informal and private matter between two people. In the context of Romancing Your Soulmate, courting is about actively “wooing” your disconnected partner back into a committed marriage or relationship with you.

Step 4 - Romance

Romance is definitely about creating – or resurrecting – intimacy, at all levels. To Romance Your Soulmate is to resurrect or recreate emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, recreational and sexual intimacy. When your sex life has dwindled, or seems more obligation than desire, both usually want to get their sex life back on track.

Step 5 - Commitment

Commitment Is A Choice To Reengage With Your Partner. Some avoid making a commitment due to the fear of being trapped. But think of it a different way. If you are in a committed relationship with your partner, you make a daily choice to drive your car into your driveway, to enter into your home, to eat a meal with your partner, and then to sleep in the same bed with him or her.

Take It To The Next Level

I'm the only marriage coach in the world to promise you improved personal happiness, self-esteem and connection in your relationship within 30-days... or I'll work with you until you do. We'll develop a plan for your personal circumstances using brain science as well as psychology. Whatever your biggest problem is I can help you solve it! Join me and let's take it to the next level in my Fast Fix Marriage Formula!

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